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Truth be told, behind closed doors most women prefer men with kitambi

Lady Speak
 Seventy-four per cent of women in the survey said they’d feel self-conscious taking their clothes off in front of a perfectly toned man

Six Packed guys are almost every lady’s fantasy, right? Six Packs has really being a thing to admire for the ladies. They have taken it to be a kind of quality a guy must have before they will be with him.

But the question still stands, why do they like the six pack, what makes women fall for a guy just because of it. Turns out that this is all in mind.

In the real world, a study commissioned to mark the DVD release of Bad Neighbours, a film featuring numerous shirtless scenes of actors revealed that three in four women would choose a man with love handles over one sporting a six-pack. The women claimed that, “When it comes to real life, we don’t want chiselled perfection in our bed.”

Why don’t women want some hot, buff, perfect-bodied man lying beside us?

The sad answer is this: we’re worried we won’t shape up. Seventy-four per cent of women in the survey said they’d feel self-conscious taking their clothes off in front of a perfectly toned man.

A he-man’s discipline highlights our lack of it, making us feel even more acutely self-conscious of our own body flaws than usual. We feel far more comfortable with flab because it’s less threatening.

Women are already under extreme pressure to look a certain way and be a certain weight.

Mr Non-Perfect is a relief to any woman who steps on the scales, every day of her life, and finds her mood is affected, every day of her life, by what they say. Especially when it comes to sex. I’d love to meet a female whose sex life isn’t affected by a ‘fat day’. I’ve yet to meet one man who has let feeling fat stop them having sex.

Michael Alvear, the author of ‘Not tonight dear, I feel fat’, says 50 per cent of women admit they’ve put off sex - even when they’re in the mood - because they felt too fat.

‘Women put conditions on sex because of weight. You won’t do it without cover-up clothing. You only have sex with the lights out. You’ll only do positions that prevent your partner from looking at or touching certain parts of your body,’ he says.

‘Pretty soon your desire for any sex, conditional or not, goes away.’

We don’t just think our partners won’t desire us unless we are thin. We don’t feel desirable unless we are thin.

There are many (many) things men can learn from women, but this is one area where women can learn from men.

When men look in the mirror, they look at the parts of themselves that they like.

When women look in the mirror, they hone in on the bits they don’t like.

Show us a picture of Cameron Diaz in a bikini and we think ‘Why don’t I look like that? I better not eat anything else for the rest of the day and hit the gym after work’.

It’s a continuing double standard that’s not working for anyone - men or women.

-Courtesy of Dailymail

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