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How to have an organized room in a small space

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 The challenge with small spaces is keeping the clutter away (Photo: iStock)


Small spaces have a couple of advantages. They’re usually so warm and cosy, plus, they’re easier to decorate because everything is so direct and simple.

The main challenge with small spaces however is keeping the clutter away. It can be quite frustrating when you own a lot and you’re trying to fit everything into a limited area without it looking like a mess.

The option you have when you want to have a tidy space is finding smart ways to maintain it. There’s a lot to learn but here’s where you can start:

Create more storage space

A solution that often looks direct is getting rid of the extra unnecessary stuff so that you don’t overpower your room. But now what do you do when you’ve already decluttered but you’re still left with many important items you can’t get rid of? Add more space!

It’s time to shop for storage containers and organizers that you can stack your items in. This works because, if you have so many things aimlessly lying around, the room will still look cluttered.

Go for minimal décor

Every room deserves to have a bit of décor to add some character. Plain walls and empty shelves can make a room look boring so it’s a good idea to add something interesting.

But, since your room is small, you should choose wisely. Go for smaller and fewer pieces that won’t take so much space and make your room look busy.

 All you need is a little creativity to brighten your space (Photo: iStock)
Touch up daily

A small room can be a blessing and a curse all at once. It’s a blessing because you don’t have to use up so much of your time organizing but it’s a curse because it can easily be overwhelmed if something is out of place.

To avoid chaos, you should put everything back in its place daily. Otherwise, you will always be caught up in the cycle of having a messy room.

Deep clean often

Small rooms often need quite a bit of maintenance if you have a lot of stuff especially. And the interesting thing is that there could be so many unnecessary items hiding that you might not really need.

For you to make the most of what you have, you should have the habit of deep cleaning. This is necessary so that you can get more space for what you actually need and also, cleaning is part of having an organized room.

Use your creativity

Your creativity can also make a difference in how your room looks and how much space you have. Something as simple as folding and stacking your clothes differently can instantly make the room look neater so it all depends on how you’re using your imagination.

If you need some new ideas, you can easily search online to see how other people are arranging their items in a small room. You can even get other interesting tips on the right way to organize your furniture to give the illusion of a better-looking space.

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