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Things you wish you knew as a new mum

 Things you wish you knew as a new mum (Photo: iStock)

From the moment you get a positive pregnancy test, your life changes. That's when you start to experience different milestones and enjoy the process of planning for a new baby.

This whole journey is usually different for each pregnancy. The first pregnancy will be a different experience from the second, and so on.

The most life-changing pregnancy is often the first. If you're a first-time mum, you don't know what your experience will be like, which can be scary.

If you're about to become a first-time mum or want to know what it's like from someone who's been there before, here are some tips:

You need more help than you think 

Being a first-time parent comes with huge, unexpected changes. And while you may know you'll need support during your recovery and for months afterwards, there are many curveballs you won't see coming.

Some new mothers wish they had had a nanny or someone to help with the housework from day one, rather than struggling all the way through. You may not be able to cope with everything you think you're capable of when the time comes.

Time will fly by quickly

Many new mums often say that they realised how fast time went by when their baby’s first birthday arrived. With a busier-than-ever schedule and different life changes, you might not notice how fast your baby is growing.

This shows that it’s important to live in the present moment. Take photos of your baby often and do fun activities with them because before you know it, it will be time for them to start school and live their own life.

Research can be a game-changer

The online world doesn’t always have a good reputation when it comes to advice. But for sure, it can be a really helpful tool especially if you’re a new mother.

You have access to different apps and websites that have other new moms just like you. There are also OGs in these spaces who have some very valuable advice to share with others. This helps to ease anxiety and panic when something isn’t going how you think it should. 

Your relationship will experience new challenges

When you’re a new mom, the focus is on you, the baby and the journey ahead as a parent. And sometimes people forget that they’re entering a new season in their relationship as well, which could change your bond with your partner.

If you will be able to transition as parents effortlessly, that’s great. But for many, this change brings several different challenges and disagreements you never had before.

Your friendships might change too

It’s also sometimes difficult to hold on to the same friendships and hang out in the same spots you did before. Don’t be surprised if you’re not invited to some hangouts because people start to assume that you don’t have time for fun anymore.

You might find yourself connecting with new friends who are also mums. Some of your old friendships might fade away, which is normal.

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