Who is Peter Oyier?

I was born in a family of four boys (Jeff, Mike and Paul) and one girl. She is the princess of the family. I am the youngest of the boys.

Your stint on TV...

Sorry, I must complete. I am also a husband. If I don’t say that... (Laughs) and a father of two boys.

What was it like reading news on TV?

It was a learning experience and a great opportunity. But before that I had been on radio. It is funny because my brother, Mike, and I worked at Radio Africa at the same time.

How did that work out?

We had a big issue because people thought that when it is sports news he calls himself Peter Oyier and when it is the main news he says he is Michael Oyier. Caroline Mutoko had to have us on her show to tell people that these are two distinct individuals who just sounded similar.

Mike too was on KTN at some point: You are a family of presenters?

I think it is just a big coincidence that Mike was in the media or that I was in the media. But you should know that Mike’s background is in psychology and my background is business. What we say is that when God blesses you with a gift you better use it and do the best that you can with it.

When you say gift do you mean your voice?

I don’t think the art of presentation is purely just voice. There are other skills – right intonations and whatever emotions necessary – to deliver news in a convincing manner that derives trust from your listener.

Why did you disappear from our TV screens?

I don’t exactly like being in front of the camera. I love a quiet life away from the camera.

Will you make a comeback anytime soon?

It will take a lot to convince me to go back. It would be fun to do a talk show because it would be interactive. It would be more of trying to make a difference than being on TV.

So, what exactly is your career at the moment?

Currently, I am the CEO of Eminent Business Group. We are involved in advisory, strategic communication and business media. What I can say, maybe, is that I love singing. We used to sing with my brothers.


The singing is a family thing too?

Yes; Partially. We like it. But I am not sure if we sing very well anymore because if you don’t practise things get a little harder. But we did sing a lot while young. So, maybe, when you sing a lot you exercise your voice. But, I could say that my dad also had an interesting voice. My grandfather was also a pastor: so, maybe that is where it came from.

What kind of music do you do?

When I was very young – a teenager – in the 90s, rap was the thing. Myself I tried a bit of rapping with some two friends in church. Then as we grew I think a capella was of greater interest. With that, your voice is the greater instrument. It was a real challenge for all of us – my brothers and other friends. So, acapella has been our style: nothing hip hop.

How much do you value your voice?

That is an interesting question. I have not really thought about that. May be I will start thinking about it

Your wife seems to be a fundamental part of everything you do?

I promised her that we won’t have a conversation about her here. She is quiet and non-media individual. She is an absolutely great friend.

What are you like at home: Both as a father and husband?

I think my wife and kids would the best people to answer that question. In terms of marriage I think as relational beings companionship is almost a must – a way of life for man. I think when you get that great companion that happiness goes on. Like anything in life, it may have its challenges but the good outweigh the bad.

It is worth the hassle?

Yes. But the thing is, I guess, the selection of ‘who’ at the beginning is the most important decision you make.

Have you ever found out if your voice contributed in your wife liking you?

Maybe; I don’t know. Now that you ask I am going to find out from her.

I get this feeling that you are a staunch Christian believer...

Well, that I think is part of the lineage. We’ve stayed within the church. Without saying too much, I think spirituality, being in touch with the almighty – the supernatural – is a fundamental part of human beings. Some may disagree. So, yes, we definitely are within... and I hope to bring up my kids up the same way.


If God gave you the option of choosing again, would you still go for what you do?

I think He has already given me that. When I was young I had dreams of becoming a pilot. At some point I had a few stints at training but I realised it was not for me. I am at the right place.

What don’t you like about yourself?

I am a terrible culprit of overworking. My wife has expressed that to me. I am now working very hard to change that.

You are still ‘working very hard’?

To end the overworking: when I do get free time I try swimming. I also like football and basketball. I spend time with my kids: kids are phenomenal. I also find it interesting talking to my wife... or should I say, listening to my wife (laughs). She does more of the talking. She is the closest friend you get. Apart from that, I love salsa.

You dance salsa?

I totally enjoy it. It is a fun activity. I have tried to dance.

What will Peter Oyier never be?

I don’t like making such statements because they will come back to haunt you. I would rather focus on what I need to be rather than what I don’t want to be.

From here (the interview) where will be heading to?

Hmm! Today is Friday. I am probably going to meet some of my clients and review the week on a more relaxed basis.

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