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Easy recipe: Tasty mrenda

 Easy recipe: Tasty mrenda (Photo: iStock)

As Africans, we have a very rich culture to uphold. This includes our foodstuffs, especially the leafy vegetables.

In the local markets, they are usually sold separately from the common cabbage, spinach and kales. Nicknamed ‘mboga kienyeji’ by locals, some of these traditional leafy vegetables include kunde, mrenda, saga, and thafai among others.

Today, let's learn how to make mrenda jute mallow:


5 bunches of mrenda

1 red onion

2 tomatoes

Baking soda

1 cup of milk


In a cooking pot, put water and add two tablespoons of baking soda then let it boil until it forms bubbles.

Add in the washed mrenda. Let it boil while stirring continuously to prevent the foam from overflowing.

Once the greens have changed colour from light to dark green, then they are ready. Turn off the heat, drain the water and transfer the greens to a different pot.

In the pot you used to boil, heat some cooking oil and add the chopped onions. Once they have turned golden brown, add in the tomatoes.

Let them cook until they become soft. Add the boiled vegetables and stir until the compounds are well incorporated.

Add the milk and let it cook for 5 minutes. Afterwards, turn off the heat. Your meal is ready to be served with ugali and or meat. Enjoy!

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