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Things you need to know before having a cosmetic surgery

 Getting cosmetic surgery is a major life commitment you should be sure of first (Photo: iStock)

Cosmetic surgery is no longer a taboo topic.

Once upon a time, if you mentioned to someone that you were actually contemplating getting some work done on your body, it would attract a lot of negative talk and judgement.

Today people are more receptive to the idea, and you can find a few surgeons here in Kenya as well.

Additionally, the possibilities are endless, if your hair has been thinning, you can choose to have a hair transplant, liposuction, or even a belly tuck.

But before, there are a few things you should consider. This is a major life commitment, so you should be quite certain of what you're getting into:

The risks are still real with major surgeries

The good news about cosmetic procedures is that technology has significantly improved and will continue to develop. The difference in the quality of surgeries that were done decades ago and now has significantly changed.

However, if you're planning on going for something major like liposuction, keep the risks in mind and decide if it will be worth it.

 Do your research first before settling on a given facility (Photo: iStock)
You should consult widely

It's also crucial to take your time and not just settle with the first clinic you go to. This is a surgery that will completely change your life and that is why you need to be sure with the facility you are trusting.

It would help to write down all the questions you have and check with at least two clinics to see if there are major differences. Different opinions will give you a fresh perspective, which is really important.

You have to confirm your surgeon's qualifications

Unfortunately, many people have made the mistake of ignoring proper background checks before going in for a surgical procedure. Remember that just because someone is sitting in a nice office doesn't mean that they are actually fully qualified to get the job done correctly.

Go as deep as checking for track records and don't just do surface-level research because this can literally save your life.

Don't expect perfection

Sometimes people look at celebrities who have had some work done and use those edited images to gauge their expectations. In real life, the results are usually a whole other story and that is something you need to be aware of too.

Even with the most experienced surgeons, you shouldn't expect to look perfect. To get the best possible results, research properly and pick a surgeon with a good track record.

The results might not be permanent

The side that isn't often talked about is how your body will adjust 10 or 20 years after getting work done.

You can find studies that show how fat might come back and redistribute itself after lipo or how transplanted hairs can still lose their density for those who have had hair transplant surgeries.

There are many factors to consider and these are some of the questions you need to ask as you consult.

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