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Why you should give your partner the gift of time apart

 Spending some time away helps bridge the gap caused by your daily hustles (Image: Shutterstock)

There is nothing like spending quality time together away from the world’s distractions, kids and everything else.

Considering how busy most of our lives have become, sometimes even having an hour to ourselves seems impossible leave alone for your wife or husband.

You come home tired, the kids need a helping hand with their homework and someone has to take the dog for a walk before you can finally have a chance to sit down and catch your breath.

I mean, we are at the point where couples have to schedule for sex over the weekend or public holidays otherwise it would not happen.

Considering how crucial this is for a healthy relationship to flourish, you must set some time apart to enjoy each other’s company and here is why:

What is quality time?

It is one of the love languages where you both free up your time and give each other undivided attention.

By being together and enjoying an activity you have both agreed on lets your partner know that they are valued, important and special enough for you to focus your energy on them.

This does something to the spouse whose love expression is quality time.

And therefore, here is why you should do it:

It helps create memories

Time is one of the most valuable things you can give anyone. By spending it with someone you love discovering new foods, traveling or just spending a quiet night together, it builds deeper connections and creates unforgettable experiences.

It builds communication

Quality time helps the more reserved and quieter partner to open up about what they are going through, their dreams, fears, aspirations without feeling rushed.

If there are any pending issues this creates a perfect and calm opportunity to air things out as well. This is also the time where you can discuss your future plans, investments and other important subjects that need time.

When he or she feels heard it allows them to put their guard down strengthening the foundation of the marriage or relationship.

 Spending time together will improve your chemistry (Image: Shutterstock)
Stress levels are lowered

Spending time with a loved one is a pleasurable experience that releases certain feel-good hormones key in combating stress.

This also creates room for spouses to reveal issues that are bothering them allowing their partner to know how to help them get through their challenges.

Physical intimacy is improved

When you set aside some time to give your partner a massage or soak in a calming bubble bath together it helps to reignite your sexual chemistry.

If your bedroom activities have become a chore, take this chance to spice things up by dressing up, playing dirty games, trying new sex positions and creating the right ambience for a steamy night.

It creates opportunity for growth

We are social creatures and the right partner will help you grow and develop into a better person. A healthy relationship creates the right environment to draw closer to each other and in the long haul this helps ferment the foundation of your relationship.

From this, happiness, motivation and the drive to live are born and both partners are able to think clearly, handle challenges much better and make wise decisions than they would have if their mental and emotional state were unstable.

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