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Seven herbal antibiotics that work


Since time in memorial, people have always depended on antibiotics to cure certain illness and the most commonly used one was penicillin.

But in all truth, not all medication is good.

Some medication are harmful and some people react to certain ingredients. This has led many to turn to natural methods to cure ailments in instances where some drugs have become resistance to bacteria.

It should however also be noted that just because it is natural, it doesn’t mean it’s safe to use. Natural antibiotics cannot be used by people with high risk of bacterial infection including cancer patients, diabetics who take insulin, people with heart failure, people above 75 years old and infants.

Although effective, natural antibiotics have risks too. However, most of them are safe with tons of benefits.

Examples of these include:


It is well known for its curative and preventive properties. Garlic is effective in fighting bacteria such as salmonella and can be used as a resistant to tuberculosis. It is best advised to use garlic in all foods you cook because it is considered a super food.


Since time in memorial, honey has been used to help heal wounds when applied directly. It is also good in treating ulcers, sores and infections. Honey successfully treats wounds infected with methicillin resistant bacteria and it provides a protective coating to create a moist atmosphere.


It is an effective root that fights different strains of bacteria. Ginger is commonly used in different concoctions to cure colds, control nausea and help regulate blood sugar levels. It is considered a power food due to its curative nature.


Cloves is a spice that is used to give food flavor and it also has various health benefits. It is the best when it comes to improving digestion, fighting bacteria that cause diseases like cholera, regulating blood sugar and it also protects the liver. Cloves are also known for curing breathing infections, curing headaches, relieving stress, strengthening bones and preventing stomach ulcers.


It is a medicinal herb from mint that has been used as medicine due to its several health benefits. Oregano contains a unique and pleasant smell due to thymol, pinene, limonene, ocimene and caryophyllene from the chemicals combined. It contains antioxidants and has antibacterial properties because it contains carvacrol which has antimicrobial properties. It also helps treat cancer and diabetes. It cures cold sores, toothache, bloating, headaches, allergies, fatigue among other illnesses.


The distinct smell and flavor of cinnamon is due to the oily part which is high in a compound called cinnamaldehyde. It is a compound responsible for health benefits and metabolism. It is also a powerful super food and can be used as a food preservative. It is anti-inflammatory and helps the body fight infections and repair tissue damage.


It is used as an antibiotic which destroys pathogens and helps the body defend itself naturally. It also prevents infections in wounds because it contains curcumin which is effective in fighting helicobacter pylori bacteria that is believed to be the root cause of ulcers which when left untreated can lead to stomach cancer.

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