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This is the secret to bouncy healthy hair


Shampoo keeps our hair looking great but when we talk about hair conditioners, some people get confused because they do not really understand its importance. In fact, many skip the conditioner when they wash their hair.

When your hair is exposed to chemicals and heat, it needs to be conditioned. Such hair is prone to damage as it loses its natural oil and nutrients that keep it healthy and shiny. The hair becomes dull, full of split ends and dry. Here is why conditioning the hair is important:

• Conditioner helps in maintaining the hair’s natural balance and repairing damaged follicles.

• Generally, conditioners are used to detangle hair thus using the wrong one can weight your hair down.

• When you colour your hair, use a conditioner to avoid super-fast fade.

• Shampoo only cleans the hair by removing oil and dirt. As you shampoo, the cuticles get roughed up a little and a conditioner will help smoothen it and also balance the pH levels of the hair.

The smoother the cuticles the shinier, healthier and bouncier your hair is. A roughed up cuticle also leads to tangles in the hair. Conditioner ensures the cuticle lays smooth to the surface, allowing tangles to release easily.

• Most conditioners have UV protection and essential nutrients that keep the scalp and hair healthy and manageable.

• You don’t have to leave the conditioner on your hair for ages as it can work instantly.

• Always condition your hair after you shampoo. A good conditioner will leave your hair feeling soft, smooth, easy to detangle and shiny.

• Conditioner reduces towel damage on the hair. Wet hair is very vulnerable and a rough towel can cause it to break. Using a conditioner reduces the stress your hair experiences when rubbed with a towel.

• Conditioner works even after the hair is rinsed. They leave behind a small amount of ingredients that smooth and protect the strands.

• Everyone needs a conditioner whether the hair is natural or chemicalised. That is why they are formulated according to hair types.

• To get the most from your conditioner, use the right conditioner, in the right way and rinse it well.

• Always use one that suits your hair type. The mistake many women make is to use any conditioner regardless of their hair type.


How to use it: Conditioners should be applied on clean, wet hair unless stated otherwise. It should then be massaged well, paying particular attention to the ends of the hair and the scalp.

Leave it on for at least one minute though leaving it on longer may be better for damaged hair. Rinse thoroughly to remove the product and any excessive chemical accumulation.





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