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Girls, Forget about ‘sponsors’! ‘Ben 10s’ are the real deal!!

Girl Talk

About two years ago a beautiful and successful friend of mine jokingly told me she was searching for a younger man to marry. That she did not care if he earned less money or had no job.

In fact, her exact words were: “I do not care if he is jobless or a struggling hustler. All I want is a younger man with a great body and personality.”

She went on to tell me how she was ready to take home the bacon as long as she had some eye candy waiting for her.

Of course, I laughed it off , thinking she was only entertaining me. Which woman wanted a jobless and younger man? Who eats love, anyway? I mused!

What have you done for the first time lately?

True to her word, she went a head and found a man six years younger than her. And as we speak they are married with a month old baby.

And the most interesting thing is that my friend looks six years younger, content and extremely happy. So much so that I am tempted to look for a younger man to date. Heck, my tired, old bones need a new year gift inform of a younger stud? I thought.

After all, since time in memorial, men have been doing it.

They have been shamelessly robbing the cradle, and getting a way with it. I wonder why, in this day and age, women still get demonised for pulling stunts men do. Honestly, I see no problem with older women dating younger men, so long as they are not underage.

I think nobody should open their mouth to condemn such.

Take for instance last week I found myself at home alone on a Saturday night because my ‘older’ boyfriend had stood me up in order to hang out with his cronies. It got me thinking, how would my life be if I was dating a younger man. Do younger men take their older girlfriends for granted? Maybe, like my friend, I would be looking five years or so younger? I imagined.

Isn’t this kind of arrangement the reason singer Jennifer Lopez looks 22, yet she is 45. Dating Casper Smart who is 18 years her junior could be the trick behind her sexy looks. See, the good thing with dating young studs is that, we are told, they are more attentive, energetic and love to experiment.

Again, dating such men is great because you have the ability of molding them into anything and everything you want. This saves one the trouble of having to deal with a man who already has rigid tastes and preferences, and is never willing to change even for the sake of love.

When tired, you can easily get your younger boyfriend do some household chores on your behalf without complaining.

After all this younger men are new age types and open minded. They do not mind doing house work here and there, without feeling awkward.

Mark you, it would be hard adjusting to the fact that your pockets would be fuller than his, and so you would have to wear the pants in the relationship and pay for everything, but in return I would have control of the relationship. I mean, who doesn’t want to be the big Kahuna and calling shots in a relationship?

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