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Items you need to set up a home gym


 Your home gym doesn't have to be expensive (Photo: iStock)

Having a functional home gym is a convenient way of keeping fit. It is most useful for people with unpredictable schedules.

You do not need expensive paraphernalia to set up a home gym; just start with the basics and upgrade with time. Here are some simple items you will need for your fat-burning home centre:

Foam Flooring

You will need this commercial-grade foam floor (mainly available as interlocking tiles) to protect your floor and yourself from injury. This type of flooring also helps to protect gym equipment and lessens the sound coming out of the gym.

Yoga Mat

You can use this stable mat for abs exercises and yoga. It is also an essential tool in basic stretching before, during and after intensive exercises.

Punch Bag

It is an excellent option for burning fat and building stamina. You burn calories while muscle training at the same time. Make sure to include gloves and wraps for this ideal indoor cardio exercise that requires minimal space.


It comes in handy when you need to embark on bodybuilding training. The most convenient type should have an incline and decline mechanism. It is of paramount importance to check out the maximum weight the bench can accommodate before acquiring one.

Skipping Rope

It is a worthwhile investment for excellent cardio exercise. These portable exercise tools can also be used outdoors should you want to take the workout outside. Rope increases the heart rate and works our core, arms, legs and shoulders.

Kettle Bells

At least one kettlebell is needed to provide an all-around workout in minimal space. It is a brilliant tool for stamina-building without causing injury to your hands. They can improve coordination, balance and bone resistance to injury.

Stationary Bike

You get to work long distances even when the weather outside in not favourable for a bike ride in the nearest park. It provides sufficient resistance in the lower parts of the body.

Dance Cardio DVD

High-intensity timed dance is an effective way to burn calories. It also gives the illusion of having company as you exercise. Workouts do not have to be lonely and boring.

Resistance Bands

Manufactured from long-lasting and strong latex material, resistance bands are versatile tools for muscle training for an overall toned look. Light bands are used for arm workouts and heavy ones are for lower-body resistance

Barbell and Plate Set

They are fantastic tools for working out on the legs, back, shoulders, chest and arms. They are ideal tools for building muscle by weight lifting. The weight of the plates depends on how much your arms can carry.

Music System

Something to keep you motivated as you work out. It is most effective when you need a little help to get "in the zone"

Air conditioning

Having air conditioning in the gym keeps the atmosphere cool for exercising. Without it the gym will be an uncomfortable place to work out. Opt to have air conditioning or a fan to make the ambience more suitable for working out.


It is motivating to see and track changes you observe in your body. A mirror can also help you to check if you are correctly following the exercise routine.

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