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Why you need to reshape, optimise your health this year

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 Prioritise your health this year (Photo: iStock)

Every New Year comes with desirable aspirations. But many aspirations are just that, mostly wishful desires that never really get achieved. Some aspirations are however more important than others, and efforts should always be made to achieve selective results.

One such aspiration that you could place higher on your list is to keep yourself in good health for most, if not all, of this year. Being in optimal health will help feed into your efforts to achieve other goals.

You could start pretty early this year by taking stock of your prevailing health status. It isn't difficult to work out where you stand in terms of general health. Your health is related to age, prevailing symptoms, chronic conditions, current weight, social habits, and much more.

Once you work out where you are, you can then take appropriate steps to redress the situation. Even if you grade yourself to be in an optimal health status, there are still things you could aspire to do to maintain the said status.

Simple day-to-day things will actually keep you healthier, without appearing to do so much. Watching what, and how much you eat and drink, is one simple strategy. You might have over-indulged during the recent holidays, but you can undo all that going forwards.

Aim for healthier, fresher and mostly plant-based foods. Cut down your portions to size, and wash them down mostly with water. Over the coming several months, you will reap long-lasting health benefits, and stay away from metabolic diseases. Another simple thing you could aspire to do is to keep yourself physically active. Combining physical activities with a healthier diet is one of the most rewarding health plans.

Being physically active simply means getting off your bum and doing something that expends energy. It may be a walk, jog or brisk run, gym, gardening, household chores, or whatever else you fancy.

Physical activities optimize cardiovascular health, muscle and bone health, and many other body systems. It keeps your weight in check too. Consistency is the game as the year unfolds, ending up with replenished health.

You must stay vigilant on any unusual symptoms coming your way as the year advances. Symptoms must be linked to prevailing circumstances. The odd mundane symptom isn't worth pursuing.

Persistent and unusual symptoms require some analysis. Getting such checked in good time is the best chance of a cure, or long term control of chronic conditions.

Depending on your age, you must also keep up to date with recommended screening tests for cancers and other conditions. Talk to your doctor early in the year if unsure what screening is relevant for you.

Aim to beat the screening intervals as recommended. But also resist overdoing stuff and getting unnecessary tests. Aspire to be much healthier this year.

Dr Alfred Murage is a Consultant Gynecologist and Fertility Specialist.

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