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Five benefits of dancing

 Dancing is not only fun but beneficial as well (Photo: iStock)

It's understandable that most people dislike exercising, and who can blame them? Who wants to spend their mornings or nights after a long day at work completing a rigorous workout?

However, in order to promote a healthy lifestyle and avert cardiovascular illnesses, we must stay in shape in some way.

That's where dancing comes in. Unlike going to the gym and having to keep up with demanding routines, dancing is both enjoyable and beneficial.

Dancing has grown in popularity to the point where even the elderly and children can keep up with it. But before you start stepping, here are some benefits you will gain in the process:

Aids in weight loss and toning

Dancing might look very basic but it has some serious benefits if your goal is to lose weight. As you do some weight lifting and other workouts, you need something extra that can help you burn the calories like dancing.

And, when your goal is to get a nice toned figure, you can still benefit too. You even get to choose different intensities depending on the level you are on so this is something that people of all ages can actually do and enjoy.

 Dancing will help prevent cardiovascular diseases (Photo: iStock)
Joint strengthening

These days it’s not uncommon to find young people struggling with squeaking joints. That’s odd because you shouldn’t have aged joints when you have not even entered the third floor yet.

With dancing, you get the perks of strengthened joints and bones if you’re struggling with that. It exercises the muscles around those joints and it also helps to form new bone tissues. With time those annoying joint pains can disappear.

Increased mental sharpness

Including a dancing routine in your workout schedule also comes with benefits for your brain. It literally exercises your entire body and for the brain, you get an improved memory functioning. Studies have even found that it could significantly reduce the risk of dementia.

As you learn new routines and exercise the brain, you’re also reducing stress, depression and other mental health problems that can slow you down.

 Whatever a better and easy way to bond with your partner (Photo: iStock)
Reduced risk of lung and heart conditions

The heart and lungs are two major organs that need to stay as healthy as possible. And there are times when we have bad habits that could put our health at risk but dancing could help reverse the damage.

Those fun moves you’re doing help to improve blood circulation throughout the body, which strengthens your entire body, especially your heart.

It adds excitement to your routine

It’s not easy to just be excited all the time about your workouts. You need something to keep your energy up and you can use dancing as your motivator.

It helps because you can track your progress as you choose tougher dance moves and it’s just a way of bringing in something new.

One week you can decide to do a hip-hop workout routine, the other you can choose old-school hits and the list goes on. There are so many routines to choose from and this really makes working out fun.

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