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Seven outfit ideas for the post lockdown office party

Fashion and Beauty
 Office parties are a great time to interact with colleagues without all the formalities of the work environment (Courtesy)

One of the best parts about work is probably the occasional office parties. Some have the end of year parties or even the Christmas parties, if you’re lucky enough to have those fun opportunities.

Office parties are a great time to interact with colleagues without all the formalities of the work environment which could actually be a chance to create some long-lasting friendships.

Parties are definitely a time to have fun but there is still a certain level of respect you should have when it comes to your dress code. What you choose to wear could, and will affect your reputation at your workplace.

Thankfully there are lots of tips on how to look classy and stylish for such occasions. Below are a few suggestions you can try pull off after the lockdown is behind us.

1.The classic skater dress

Skater dresses can create that balance between formal wear and party wear. The more formal selection is made of stiffer materials while those that get you party ready have a more free flowing material.

This is a fun, girly option that has a playful aura around it and is still appropriate for such a setting. Choose one that has a popping color like peach or baby blue to steer it way from that formal vibe.

2.The leather jacket

There’s no go-to option that’s better than the leather jacket switch. This is perfect because you can transform your usual work outfit with no stress when you don’t have time to rush back home and change.

You can simply squeeze it in your bag with an extra pair of heels and change quickly before the party starts.

3.The fancy pencil skirt

This is something different from the boring work pencil skirts we’re used to seeing. Choose options that have some leather detail, a little bit of shimmer or an interesting pop of color will work perfectly. Aside from that, the pencil skirt shape flatters every body type because it slims down the waist and emphasizes the hips.

4.A pair of gorgeous heels

Stun everyone at the party with your amazing heel collection. They can turn a plain outfit to a stunning one and make a stunning one look ten times better.

Either way, you can never go wrong with a sleek pair of heels or boots. It’s even better if you get a pair that is stunning and comfortable at the same time.

5.Cool sneakers and jeans

Sneakers can be dressed up or down depending on the mood of the party. If it’s a casual stetting, you can pair them with subtly ripped jeans, a graphic tee and a jacket.

If you still want to have a more tomboy look for a classy event, replace the jacket with a blazer and wear dark jeans or trousers. You can never miss a pair of sneakers to match the day’s occasion, that’s a fact.

6.Classy glitter gown

For a more elegant look, wear a fitting glitter gown that flatters your shape. It should have the appropriate neck line and length so that it’s still within the office party dressing codes.

A simple gown that doesn’t have too many frills or too much shimmer should work for this type of event. As much as you want to impress don’t go overboard.

7.Trendy party suit

An office party is the perfect environment for the party suit to thrive. Most people don’t think that a suit can be fun but that’s far from the truth.

There are some trendy designs with interesting colors, asymmetrical designs, those with just the right amount of cut outs, just to name a few.

And, suits allow you to play around with different accessories to bring the whole look together. You can wear this with boots, heels, and sneakers, whatever you like.

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