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Job interview? Fashion retailer offering suits for hire free of charge for 24-hours

 Fashion retailer H&M offers free suits to men going for a job

Need a suit for a job interview but can't afford it? H&M will now let you hire one for 24 hours for free.

The fashion retailer said they want job seekers to feel confident and ready to impress while trying to score a new job.

The scheme for men - dubbed One/Second/Suit - has won a huge amount of praise on social media.

Lawer Coleen Mensa shared a photo of the initiative on social media, adding: "H&M is offering suits for 24 hours free of charge for people who have a job interview. Not sure if it’s all H&Ms but saw this in the Westfield branch."

One woman commented: "This makes my heart happy."

Another added: "This is brilliant, such a great idea. nice to see support for those who have suffered unemployment from the pandemic, even in the smallest of ways."

In a statement on their website, the retailer said: "A suit isn’t an outfit. It’s confidence. A signal to the world and a reminder to yourself you’ve got what it takes.

"Style the suit your way. Maybe you’ll keep it classic. Maybe you’ll pare it back. However, you wear it hold your head up high.

"Book the suit. We deliver it. You smash the interview. You return the suit. All free. Job done."

Customers can reserve a suit online and it will be delivered to your door, with the outfits available for 24 hours.

But those who return late will have to pay a fee of £50 (Sh7, 505), although this will be donated to charity

Those who take longer to give the suit back will have to pay a late fee of £50 though, which will be donated to charity.

There's no need to wash or dry clean the suit before handing it back, as the retailer will take care of it.

But customers will have to cover any major damage so they should ensure to take care, as the full value of the suit is £116.94 (Sh17, 550).

Only suits from the men’s section are available currently, between sizes XS to XXL.

The outfit includes a navy blue single-breasted jacket, matching trousers, a white shirt, a navy blue tie and a red pocket square.

The scheme was launched in the UK this week.

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