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Why you shouldn't quit your job

Career Tips
 Why you shouldn't quit your job (Photo: iStock)

The struggle between quitting a job and staying is something that many people face at some point. And right now, we're seeing stories of people quitting their 9 to 5 jobs, which has inspired people to do the same.

Whether you're thinking of quitting to start your own thing or maybe finding a better job, it's all about timing. It's never a good idea to hand in your resignation on the spur of the moment, because it could end up being the biggest mistake of your life. So before you take that step, consider these reasons why you might want to wait a little longer:

You tend to make emotional decisions

Emotions minus logic is never a good combination. People who tend to make emotional decisions have a higher risk of living with regrets from the choices they made in the past.

If for example you often strongly feel like quitting after you’ve had a bad day, you might be an emotional decision-maker. Be cautious not to start typing your resignation letter during these times because you’re not thinking clearly.

You have a promotion opportunity

You might hate the role you have now but you don’t have to be there forever. Sometimes all you need to do is explore opportunities within your company first instead of quitting right away.

To help you out, think about what your goals are and how every milestone will bring you closer to achieving them. Staying where you’re at now and negotiating for something better or putting in the work to advance could be the best option.

You have no network

People often complain about their jobs when in reality, it’s a great place to interact with different people and build a strong network. These are the networks that will come in handy when you are finally ready to start your own business or when you’re seeking better opportunities somewhere else.

If you can barely name a few people who you connect with, even as referees on your resume, you might not be ready.

You haven’t gained enough experience

Experience is a big deal because it determines how attractive you will be to your next employer. And often anything below a year reflects poorly on your work ethic.

So, if you’ve not yet gained enough experience for a better job or role, you should probably wait a while. This will make it easier for you to transition to a different job if that’s your goal.

You don’t manage your finances well

How you are with your money could also determine whether you’re ready to leap or not. Having no savings or having poor financial management skills are some strong reasons why you need to wait a while especially if you want to be self-employed.

Jobs aren’t always fun but they provide financial stability. While you’re working at your current job, you could start training yourself how to manage your money better so that you’re more prepared if you decide to quit in future. 

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