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Five healthy and affordable breakfast ideas

 Healthy and affordable breakfast options you should try (Photo: iStock)

Eating healthily all the time isn't the easiest thing to do. We have busy schedules that don't always allow us to make healthy choices, and some healthy foods just don't taste as good.

The other thing that makes healthy eating difficult is finding recipes that fit our budget. You may have some interesting and delicious-looking meals that you would like to try, but often they involve fancy ingredients that are just too expensive to keep up with.

The way around this is to look for easy and affordable meals that you can make at least once a day or every other day without feeling the financial pressure. Here are a few simple and healthy meals to get you on the right track right from the start of your day:

Egg sandwich

As you know, eggs are a protein-rich and nutrient-packed meal. They might be basic but they boast a long list of health perks that could keep certain diseases away.

You could easily find an egg even at a local kiosk for just a few shillings. For breakfast, you could try a boiled egg sandwich on some whole-meal bread, along with other simple ingredients like onions, coriander leaves and your favourite seasonings to add more flavour.

Spinach smoothie

A healthy breakfast list isn't complete without a breakfast smoothie. The wide variety of smoothie combinations gives room for people looking to find some budget-friendly options as well as people who often have busy mornings.

You could give yourself a veggie boost by trying a fruity spinach smoothie. Choosing a fruity blend in the morning gives it that refreshing breakfast feel as compared to something more savory like a peanut butter and spinach blend. Experiment with different fruits to come up with your own go-to recipe.

Avocado on toast

Avocado will always be an all-time favourite. Its versatility allows us to combine it with other fruits when preparing fruit bowls as well as meals when we want to enhance the flavour.

For breakfast, an easy and affordable meal you could try is avocado toast. This is something you could prepare within 10 minutes and it will keep you full for hours.

Veggie wrap

Vegetable wraps are healthy, affordable and super delicious. With even two ingredients like onions and peppers, you will have yourself a tasty veggie wrap.

Here you can explore different recipes and ingredients until you create your very own masterpiece. To add some protein for balance, you could add some avocado or eggs.

Savoury oatmeal

The sweeter versions of oatmeal are often more popular. But, savoury oatmeal is just as good and you can have it if you like to have heavier meals for breakfast.

To pull this off the right way, follow recipes that will show you what ingredients go best and which ones to avoid because some common ingredients might not pair well with this meal. This is a great pocket-friendly breakfast dish because one pack of oats could last you for months.

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