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Six motivating fitness goals that aren’t weight related

 Keeping your body active will reduce the risk of some health issues (Photo: Shutterstock)

Losing weight to fit into those new jeans can be such a great motivation especially after doing everything right and you can finally reap the benefits.

However, keeping fit doesn’t always have to begin and end with achieving your body goals. There is so much to it.

Keeping your body active will reduce the risk of some serious health issues and you will be glad you signed up for that fitness program.

Here are six motivating reasons why you should continue on your fitness journey. 

Better sleep

Fatty and sugary foods are metabolized very quickly by the body leaving you feeling hungry sooner and craving for another quick fix. This has a negative effect on your quality of sleep. If you find yourself waking up in the morning feeling drowsy and not well rested chances are your poor food choices are affecting your sleep.

A recent study found that, people who worked out slept better and longer throughout the night as sleep disorders like sleep apnea improved. Those who also find it difficult to fall asleep reported reduced sleep latency and they felt less sleepy during the day.

 When you sweat, your body to get rid of toxins giving you clearer skin (Photo: Shutterstock)

Glowing skin

Improved diet and exercise will take the pressure off your body’s filtration system. As you eat more vegetables, fruits and increase your water intake, your kidneys and liver will have a better response.

And as you sweat, your body will get rid of toxins through your pores encouraging detoxification and an uptake in nutrients from all the good food you’re consuming resulting in clearer skin.

According to experts, your skin colour and elasticity will pay for it if your diet is high in sugar and carbohydrates which have been linked to pale skin, skin tags and darkened circles around the eyes.

Improved sex drive 

Do you feel self-conscious when you look at your naked body? When your body is toned and your BMI is where it should be, your testosterone levels go up increasing your libido and stimulating your sexual hormones.

Frequent workouts will increase blood flow to the pelvic area boosting your drive. And as your stress hormones go down, your desire to get it on will increase.

Also, if you never enjoyed sex, studies have revealed that having a healthy, leaner body was shown to skyrocket sexual satisfaction.

 Exercising releases feel-good hormones which improve your overall mood (Photo: Shutterstock)

Better mood

Once your body is at a healthy weight your thyroid will start to function better promoting balanced hormones. Weight related problems such as stress will also go down having an impact on your overall mood.

Knowing you met your daily workout goals will release endorphins, the feel-good chemicals and will release a positive feeling in your entire body.


Once you start seeing the pounds dropping and you actually feel and look better, it does something to you. That voice that kept reminding you, you are lazy and ugly will be replaced with moral and esteem boosting thoughts.

You will love yourself and want to dress better and go out more as your confidence hits the roof.

 Engaging in aerobic exercise improves your attention span (Photo: Shutterstock)

Improved memory

If you find it hard remembering simple things like why you went into the bedroom or important dates, you need to get your physical activity up. Researchers have shown that working out results in sharper memory.

As you lose that excess weight, the brain fog starts to clear.

A study published in the Neurology Journal in 2019 concluded that adults who engaged in aerobic exercise had improved attention span and flexible thinking.

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