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Baby Drago’s diary: At long last, baby is back in the city

 ‘Pack haraka kabla huyo ‘My Fellow Kenyans’ a-change mind' Auntie Fayie told my nanny (Photo: Courtesy)

On Monday in the lunch time, as I eated managu (and green mbosho which my shosh has smacked me when I shout ‘Baby anakula ma-poo-poo’) in ushago, lunch time news comed.

President Uhururu Kenyanya he is coming on TV – not with kitenge, but another shirt which Auntie Philo she said: ‘Leo hajavaa kitenge; amevaa marking scheme.’

The president he said ‘lock town’ is now finish!

Auntie Fayie she shouted over joy, but I seed shosh with tears in her eyes.

‘Pack haraka kabla huyo ‘My Fellow Kenyans’ a-change mind, atufungie hapa tena by 4pm.’ Auntie Fayie she say to my nanny, Alicia.

The next day, me and my fellow three year old cousin Laila and Uncle Blackie and Alicia and Auntie Fayie we have said ‘bye bye’ to shosh and ntagu, who we have stay with from around Easter.

We getted into Auntie Fayie’s small red car, and we have drived to Nairobi in four hours.

We reach another new big flats at around six evening, and we comed out of car.

‘Tunaenda?’ I ask Auntie Fayie, and my cousin Laila who liked to copy me she say ‘Tunaenda?’

We climbed a lift to seven floor. We get out and ringed a doorbell. Milan, my nine year sister open the door and she scream ‘Drrragoooooo!’

My Daddy he come running and hug me, and he say ‘my boy my boy my boy ...’

He is so happy!

I am so confuse!!!

‘Papa,’ I ask, ‘hii ni nyumba ya?’

‘We moved here,’ my sister she shouted.

‘Drago has stayed in shags so long, he has forgotten English,’ Uncle Blackie say to daddy.

‘Huyu kijana amekaa huko so long, amesahau ata Kijerumani. Anaongea tuu Kikuyu. Ni


Papa and Uncle Blackie laugh ha ha ha ha ha, then him and Auntie Fayie and Laila they go away.

This new house has my bike. I ride it. This new house has my swing. I swing when I’m inside it.

This new house has my yellow ‘Uber.’ I drive it. This new house it smell of new paintings.

When my mummy she come from work, she grab me and kiss me all over the face.

It reminds me of the puppy at ushago for ntagu, and how it like to lick my face till I tickle.

‘Nataka kuku kama tulikula Sunday na kina shosh!’

‘Today is a terrific Tuesday because you are home,’ my mommy gushes. ‘I brought my baby boy pizza ...’

‘And me, mummy?’ Milan she say.

‘You two will share one box; me, Alicia and Baba Drago will share the other pizza.’

‘Sharing is caring!’ I say. Auntie Fayie use to say we share everything with Laila when in ushago.

At bedtime, I keep to climb the bed board to switch the light on. Off. On. Off. On. Off. On. Off.

Until my mommy she say: ‘Baby, sasa ni time ya kufunga macho yako na kulala.’

I look at my Papa. He’s already fast asleep.

‘Auntie Philo alikuwa akiniambia bed-term story scary juu ya monister anaitwa Corona Baragacha ...’ I tell my mommy.

This night, my first in Nairobi after so many months away in ushago, I sleep like a small small baby! Baby Drago don’t dream of Baragacha, coming out of mirror.


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