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Seven feminine hygiene practices you need to adopt now

 Showering every day, and more so showering well, is essential for every woman (Shutterstock)

As ladies, there are specific ways to observe personal hygiene. Being keen on this has many health benefits which is more reason to adopt a good feminine hygiene regimen.

This is also a form of self-love that many don’t realize. Being dedicated to your hygiene makes a significant difference in your happiness and confidence as an individual. When you feel good it radiates.

Add these feminine hygiene practices into your life and notice the difference they will bring into your overall life.

Shower daily

Showering every day, and more so showering well, is essential for every woman. During the day, our bodies get musty from all the sweat, dust and bacteria from being out all day and it wouldn’t be hygienic to enter bed with all that, now would it? Furthermore, not bathing often leads to skin infections which is an added disadvantage especially for women because skin care is a top priority. It’s therefore crucial to clean up daily and learn all the right steps of showering right for best results.

Wash your hair often

You don’t need to wash your hair every single day to keep it clean. In fact, washing your hair everyday causes dryness because all the natural oils are constantly being stripped away. What you need to do is ensure you’re keeping your hair and scalp clean regularly. You shouldn’t have braids or weaves installed for too long because you won’t get a chance to wash out the dirt easily.

 Use a nail brush, some antibacterial soap and warm water every day to keep your nails clean (Shutterstock)
Clean your nails

The trendy nail extensions usually look amazing no doubt. But one problem that comes with them is the dirt buildup underneath that could be a health hazard. That dirt, when not cleaned out properly, causes problems when you handle food and it’s even worse when you have an infant around who needs extra caution when being handled. Use a nail brush, some antibacterial soap and warm water every day to keep your nails clean.

Use deodorant

Ladies should never walk around smelling like sweat. Everybody sweats but it doesn’t have to be too obvious to everyone around. After showering, use a deodorant of your choice before stepping out of the house. The best options are those that don’t contain harsh chemicals because they tend to discolor the skin on the armpits over time. Still, it’s been proven that smelling good can actually increase your confidence and heighten your productivity. This is a win-win for you.

 After showering, use a deodorant of your choice before stepping out of the house (Shutterstock)
Carry refreshing supplies in your bag

As the day goes by, the freshness that was there at the beginning of the day tends to wear out. To handle this, all you need to do is carry some pocket tissues, a small deo and wet wipes. At lunch time when you’re free, you can go to the ladies and quickly refresh yourself. This will help you feel refreshed for the rest of the day before you get home to take a shower.

Practice good intimate hygiene

This involves cleaning your intimate areas properly and washing your undergarments. First, the proper way to clean is by using plain water to avoid irritation form harsh soaps, wiping front to back whenever you go number two and proper clean up after sex. Ladies are advised to never douche because it can imbalance your pH leading to other complications and always be gentle while cleaning to avoid injuries. When it comes to taking care of your undergarments, the basic rule is to wash them after every wear.

 Too much hair in bacteria prone areas creates a suitable environment for the bacteria to multiply (Shutterstock)
Shave regularly

Shaving bacteria prone areas like the armpits is important. When there is too much hair there, it creates a suitable environment for bacteria to multiply. Also, that environment could cause body odor and reduce the effectiveness of deodorants. Therefore it’s good to add regular shaving to your hygiene routine.

If you could choose any age, to stay in for the rest of your life, which would it be?

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