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Your relationship could be better than you think

Clouded by our need to look for the next 'best one’, we are unknowingly missing out on our current (Shutterstock)

Finding a love that lasts, nowadays, is proving more and more difficult by the day. Mostly being propagated by our need to look for the next 'best one’, we are unknowingly missing out on our current. Before you pull that plug on your relationship, you might need to check with the following list.

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Stop over emphasizing the negatives

The chores aren't done, you weren't bought for flowers or he arrived late for your date for the thousandth time. Do all these signals mean that your partner is careless and you should cut the rope instead of tying the knot?

Negatives from your partner's flaws will exist and may increase and get crazier as you move through life's seasons. However, you may get to a point where you only see the wrong things and verbalize them more. Such tendencies will make you constantly remember the bad things your partner do, filling you with so much hurt and budding hatred. Stop being triggered by the negatives of your partner and weigh them on a scale, just as you do the positives.

Ditch the maximizer syndrome

The world today expects perfection in relationships. The maximizer syndrome is where you expect too much from your partner yet have very little to offer. If this is the case, you may feel like your relationship is not adding up to your expectations. As a result, you'll be pulled into thinking that there's better out there and in turn remove your focus from your relationship. Settling down is termed so for a reason. It involves being contented with your partner and seeking to improve each other.

Ditching the maximizer syndrome will make you stop demanding too much than you are able to offer yourself.

Couples who appreciate each other more are generally kinder towards each other and are happy (Shutterstock)

Are you appreciating your partner?

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How often do you appreciate your partner? Couples who appreciate each other more are generally kinder towards each other and are happy. If you are focusing on the positives and speaking them to your partner, your mind will register that things are going well and there are things to be grateful for.

With a content spirit, it is hard to start conceptualizing a break up. Have a habit of journaling the positives and verbalize them. Naturally, humans tend to respond to positive energy. To mean that your relationship will improve if you praise your partner often.

Your relationship could be affected by outward pressure

Are you feeling like your relationship is wacky based on the expectations of others? What you see on social media or what your neighbour has could be what is weighing your union down. This is unfair to your relationship as it makes you compare your relationship with others.

Before you break up, analyse your relationship as it is. Hold it not against external forces and only base your assessment on the dreams and values of the two of you.

Don't rush to call it quits when there is so much that can be salvaged. Even if it doesn't mean you stick in an abusive relationship, better the devil you know than the angel you don't. Work through your challenges objectively and blossom the romance.

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