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Fuel it: Detox hacks to ease holiday hangovers

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The holiday festivities may have left you feeling a little worse for wear but you do not have to pay for expensive treatments; these simple home remedies help you relieve the symptoms of heavy partying.

1. Cut out coffee

Opt instead for mint with green tea or lemon water. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which helps flush out toxins, boost energy levels and promote better health and lemon and mint aid cleansing and digestion.

2. Fresh fruits

Eat lots of fresh pineapple and pawpaw to help in digestion, reduce inflammation and speed up recovery.

3. Do a stomach massage

Use the palm of your hands to gently massage in a clockwise direction then massage from sternum to pelvis. This relieves constipation and bloating and improves digestion.

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4. Go vegan for a week                                                        

Avoid all animal products to bulk up on fiber and get things moving.

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