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Did wife’s brutality drive Mutinda to his death?

The car wreckage that was retrieved from the ocean. Inset: The late John Mutinda (Courtesy)

For John Mutinda, the man who drove his car into the Indian Ocean on 7th December, the tangled drama between his family and his wife will not change his fate.

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With each faction pinning a different story, Kenyans are yet to fight out if indeed Mutinda committed suicide or what were the reasons behind his disheartening action.

Well, according to his family, it is perpetuating domestic abuse from his wife, Ruth Mueni, that might have pushed him off the edge.

According to the grieving family through their spokesperson Carol Paul, the clearing and forwarding agent had been going through domestic abuse and huge conflicts in his marriage for a long time.

In a video interview with local press, Carol adds that Mutinda had attempted ending his life in the past and was only saved by neighbours.

Mutinda’s family is also accusing Mueni of scalding him with hot water during an argument in November this year. According to the family, Mueni later had him locked up in a police cell for four days while still suffering from the burns.

Ruth Mutinda (centre) the widow of the late John Mutinda with some of her friends and family at the ferry after the body was retrieved (Photo: Gideon Maundu/Standard)

The family’s story sharply contradicts Mueni’s account of what transpired before her husband drove into the ocean on that fateful Saturday morning. According to her, Mutinda had a weird dream of his late father calling him.

“He, thereafter, told me that — in his dream –, his late father, who died in 2012, had ordered him to go to a well in Kitui Central, where they would meet,” Mueni said.

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With this new information many people have been left off the loop on what really made the 46 year-old drive into the ocean. Mutinda’s death comes barely weeks after another man drowned at the same channel.?


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