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Eight makeup tips for the older women

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Living in this day and age of social media, everyone seems to have flawless skin. Talk of pressure trying to fit in and beat the game.

But as you grow older, some skin issues become amplified and makes this process a bit complicated. Think wrinkles, saggy skin, fine lines, dark circles you name it. As if that isn’t enough to deal with already, makeup brands mainly target younger women in their campaigns leaving out more mature women.

However, there is some good news. What time has taken away, makeup can restore. This is because makeup has no age limits and all women deserve to look and feel good.

Here are a few tips you need to get acquainted with to transform yourself from a granny to a yummy mummy.

1. Face prep

Proper makeup application is one that lasts the whole day without losing its essence. Prepping your face should be the first step to ensure that the desired effect is established. Apply a moisturizer and accompany it with a primer. The primer serves to protect the skin against harmful sunlight rays. It also reduces large pore appearance and works to brighten up your complexion. If time fails you alternatively you can use a BB cream which not only primes, but brightens, evens out the skin and protects from daily UV exposure.

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2. Apply foundation

Choosing the right foundation helps to create a more natural base look. A formula that is lightweight and matches your skin tone works to achieve a more natural appearance. In order to ensure adequate coverage and a proper blend of your foundation, use a damp brush or a beauty blender.

3. Make use of a concealer

Concealer works wonders when it comes to covering up minor blemishes such as wrinkles, under-eye dark circles, redness and age spots. For effective results, you should always apply the concealer following the application of foundation. You should also consider acquiring a concealer that matches your foundation.

4. Define your pout

Every mature woman develops fine lines around the mouth. These lines make your lip colour feather out. In order to define your pout, you should apply a concealer in areas around the lip and use a lip-matching pencil liner to frame your lips. What this does is plump your lips giving the effect of full lips.

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5. Lipstick application

When picking out lipstick, ensure to choose that which doesn’t feather into the lined areas around your mouth. Sticking to lighter lipstick colours enhances the fuller and poutier look in your lips.  Darker lipstick shades thin out lip appearance and should only be applied if you are confident about it. Go for a formula that hydrates and is smooth in application.

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6. Blush

Adding a flush of colour to your cheeks is perfect for defying age. Blushes add radiance and brings the face back to life. A dash of cream blush is meant to be applied while blending upwards at the apples of the cheeks to give an uplifted appearance. It is therefore important to establish the shape of your face to ensure you get the application right.

7. Mascara

Black mascara will work best for a mature woman as it makes your lashes pop. It also defines your eyes depicting a youthful look. You should consider purchasing a mascara that serves your desired outcome. You can opt for volume, length or curling intensity.

8. Use an eye pencil

Eye pencils should be used instead of liquid liners as they tend to be smoother. Use it to define the upper lash line rather than lower. Eye pencils can also be used to fill in brows since eyebrows tend to thin out as you age. Always opt for a soft brown shade for both lashes and brows. Black eye pencil may be too harsh.

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