Evewoman : Things to remember when introducing him to your family


Things to remember when introducing him to your family

Before meeting the in-laws ensure you prepare your man for what lies ahead

He may or may not run!

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It’s time for Mr Sir to meet your family, he’s actually the one who suggested it, all with the aim of starting dowry negotiations later on. Perfect, he’s coming to meet your mum and dad, all will be amazing! You may be excited but your man's insides feel like they are liquifying. Here’s how to help him:

1. Calm him down

Meeting the parents is no easy feat, it’s a make or break process. First impressions are everything. If the two of you walk in and your parents look at the poor chap like he has lost way to loser-ville, it’s going to be a long meeting shrouded by an insane amount of awkwardness. Try to calm Mr Sir down. Many people tend to utter stupidity when they are nervous, so in an effort to have your parents like him, calm his nerves.

2. Dress him

It's no secret that parents judge individuals first and foremost by how they are dressed. Something about ripped jeans screams drug dealer and criminal in their minds. So, if Mr Sir is of this jambazi behaviour, it would be best if you picked out what he’d wear to avoid your dad asking, “Hii jambezi wa kamiti ulirokota wapi?”

3. Background

Days before meeting the parents it is advisable to give Mr Sir a brief background on everyone. Tell him how your mum loves to cook Italian dishes but she isn’t that great at it, or how your dad is a die-hard Arsenal fan and will actually murder anyone that dares insult Arsene Wenger. These pointers will help him start up a conversation and have your parents open up a bit more.

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Give him a brief background on everyone he will meet on D-day

4. Don't throw him into the deep end

The poor chap is already drowning in nerves and allowing your parents to submerge him further is unfair. Every time you see your father slowly attempting to sink Mr Sir, come in and save him. Redirect the attack to yourself. Fathers tend to pose as the big bad bear in an attempt to figure out if a man is worthy of their little princess. Put up a force field to protect Mr Sir. You are a team and need to stand together. Don’t forget that.

5. Encourage him

Hold his hand, nod when he talks, look into his eyes, etc. These simple acts will act as an encouragement as he converses with your parents. Remember the fact that you even brought him home means you love him enough to want to share a life together and that love will be evident when your parents talk to him.

Personally, my family is A grade insane, my Mr Sir might need to see the therapist right after. But I’m worth it...I think.

To all those meeting the parents soon, good luck. Remember to pray!

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