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Three self-care tips for female entrepreneurs

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One common trend among female entrepreneurs is the tendency to work from sunrise to way past sunset. Even with the growing emphasis on work-life balance, many businesswomen feel guilty taking time to recuperate and recharge. They often feel the need to give their all to their businesses even if it means sacrificing their wellbeing.

Women Inspire Network states that burnout and exhaustion is as a result of stress, anxiety and being overworked. It goes on to advice female entrepreneurs to practice self-care if they want to see their businesses succeed.

Girlboss author and business owner, Alisha Ramos wrote, I would wake up at around 6:30a.m each day and work non-stop until heading to bed around midnight. But then I had a wakeup call. When I met up with a friend for morning coffee, she made a comment on how exhausted I looked. And I was exhausted. I had been running on fumes.”

Ramos had been running her self-care business fulltime for two months before the she realised she too needed to make time for that which she preached.

Below are three ways through which female business owners can practice self-care.

1. Have a routine

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Being self-employed gives you the freedom to have a flexible schedule. Since you are your own boss, you have the freedom to use your time as you see fit. The trouble with this is that you can easily end up focusing on non-business related tasks forcing you to work late into the night to complete business-related work.

Make a to-do list and create a schedule around it. Your list should include tasks you need to complete on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

2. Create me time

In your to-do list, schedule time for self-care of yourself and don’t wait to for free time to present itself. This could be time set apart to spend time with your family, catch up on the latest TV series, exercising, cooking a healthy meal, meeting friends, etc.

Taking time for yourself isn’t selfish. Squash any feelings of guilt that may arise whenever you want to take time off.

3. Say no

Since you manage your own schedule you might find yourself becoming the family errand-girl. Alternatively, you might get invitations to partnerships, events and meetings that in essence can be good for your business but if they are too many might be a waste of time.

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Learn how to say no to anything that takes you away from your business goals or that puts your schedule in disarray. Squash any guilt that threatens to take away your peace. When you feel bad about saying no to an opportunity, give the person who asked another alternative.

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