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Caregivers of ailing loved ones need support

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According to Mariapia Kagendo, a certified counselling psychologist, attention is many times given to those that need care but not to their caregivers. Many caregivers receive no outside attention or assistance at all because they are looked at as strong.

Kagendo says society looks at the person giving care as strong and not needing attention and even when it comes to checking on the sick person they never bother to ask how the caregiver is.

Mariapia Kangendo

“It should also be noted that caregivers themselves are reluctant to ask for assistance as much as they need it. It’s a high time we start thinking about this very important person and think about different ways we can give them support even as they are taking care of those that need the care,” she says.

Even though counselling services are plentiful and readily available, burned-out caregivers may not have the energy or time to explore support options available to them.

“This is because of the time they have to spend with the patient and the commitment required. Therefore many of these caregivers need you and I in order to remain strong and supportive to their patients,” she says.

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