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Kitchen gadget: Hand-held juice press

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You can use this gadget to extract juice from citrus fruits easily. The hand-held juice press has holes in the bottom, a pressed-in top and a hinge to hold both pieces together, forming a lever to squeeze juice.

Unlike the bulky motor-operated juicer, this gadget is easy to use and clean and is solid and strong, giving you maximum juice from your fruits. It comes in stainless steel or die cast aluminium. In die cast aluminium, one has a choice of yellow, green and orange to choose from.

Most people place the citrus fruit in the wrong direction when using the juice press. The correct way is to first cut the fruit in half then place the exposed part of the fruit (cut-side) down in the bottom 'bowl' with holes. Then squeeze the handle and you're done. It is available on Amazon, ebay and local kitchenware shops.

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