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Salary mums would earn if it was a paid role - and it's more than bankers and pilots

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It's probably not the first role you associate with a six figure salary, but apparently being a mum could be an extremely lucrative career move...

If it was paid, that is. Which sadly it's not.

A U.K. based firm,, have calculated how much a mum could net a year if it was a vocation.

At about Sh. 14.5 million (£108,837) a year, it would mean mums would out-earn some pilots, lawyers, finance managers, nurses and Google Product Managers.

The platform for childcarers, parents and schools found that mums could earn roughly Sh.1600 (£12) an hour, which equates to about Sh.14 million a year based on the 24-hour nature of being a parent.

It was based on the tasks parents do each day, such as cooking, school pick up and drop off, childcare, washing, cleaning, counselling and tutoring.

The amount mums would be paid if it were a paid roll, will differ depending on location as the cost of raising a child changes from place to place generally.

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Richard Conway, founder, said:

"As a parent myself, I have witnessed how hectic being a Mum can be, and with Mother’s Day just around the corner we thought it would be nice to see just how much they could be getting paid if they were a childcarer on our site!

"After we worked it all out, I wasn't surprised to see such a high salary, as unlike any other role in the world, being a Mother is constant, you never get a holiday from it or get to leave your responsibilities at the office.

"I hope this figure puts into perspective the amazing job Mothers do!"

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