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Four simple exercises to tone your butt with ankle weights

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Ankle weights are an effective tool for home workouts. Do these four simple exercises twice weekly using ankle weights for a firm, round butt. Do three sets of 8-12 repetitions each.

Lying leg curls

Lie on your front on a mat, resting on your forearms. Bracing your core, curl your legs up until your knees are at 90 degrees. Slowly lower your feet back to the ground and repeat.

Sumo squat kickbacks

Stand in a wide stance with toes pointing out. Lower your bum into a squat position then drive back up through your heels, simultaneously raising one leg back and up then return to start and alternate.

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Donkey kick

Resting on your forearms and knees, raise one leg so your thigh is parallel to the ground and your knee is at 90 degrees. Keeping your foot flexed, raise your heel to the ceiling then lower back down and repeat.

Kneeling leg lifts

Start on all fours, one leg extended back with toes pointed. Tap the floor on either side of your kneeling leg with your toe, keeping your glutes contracted throughout. Repeat then alternate sides.

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