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Six simple ways to get the groom involved in your wedding planning

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Men are generally not into details like women when it comes to planning weddings. And that is okay. However, they should be involved because wedding planning is not just for brides.

There are countless ways gentlemen can get involved in wedding planning:

1. Planning out the guest list with the bride

In addition to providing a list of the friends and family he wants at the wedding; the groom is responsible for finding out who his parents would like to invite (with correct salutations and addresses).

He should also track down all of his own friends' addresses that the bride wouldn't have in her own phone book.

2. Give your groom an assignment

During your meeting, discover what part of the wedding truly excites your partner, and give your groom the task of planning this particular component.

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Even if your fiancé says he's happy with whatever you want for the wedding, encourage him to participate in decision-making.

3. Make it a friendly competition

When all else fails, stoke your man's competitive spirit! He may not be as jazzed about sending the invitations as you are, so challenge him to see who can stuff the most envelopes in 15 minutes. The winner gets to pick what movie you watch on Netflix that night.

4. Is he a secret fashionista?

Have him enjoy choosing his own big-day ensemble, whether it’s a linen tux for a beach wedding or a black tux paired with a colourful vest for a more formal affair.

Ask him to help you play matchmaker and create seating arrangements for your reception tables. Matching personalities can be fun and exciting for the couple to do together.

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5. Support & encourage his ideas

You can't ask him to be involved and then shoot down all of his ideas. He's going to get frustrated with that pretty quickly and then you would have blown your chance to have him as your partner in planning. Give him support and encouragement.

6. Make part of the wedding about him

Weddings are typically all about the bride, so one sure way to get your fiancée involved is to make some part of the wedding about him. Does he love country music? Let him pick some songs for the dancing. Is he handy? Have him build a bean bag toss board for the reception. Find ways to let your man express himself throughout the wedding.

7. Don't overload him with wedding stuff

It might be a freaking fantastic idea to set up a specific time to talk about wedding stuff. For example, wait until he's settled for at least an hour or two after work before you bombard him with questions and ideas.

That way it gives him a moment to decompress without giving him more things to deal with, which might put him off wedding planning in general.

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