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Seven facts about early motherhood you ought to know

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Motherhood is undeniably the most fulfilling job in the world. It is even more rewarding when you become a mother while you have least of things like career on your way. In fact, health expertise suggests that having babies at a younger age, will be less painful and the recovery period will be shorter.

More interesting is that lifestyle coaches have discovered that early motherhood tends to create a strong and unbreakable bond between a mother and her child. Nevertheless, if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, here are a few facts about motherhood.

1. You grow with your child

As your baby grows, you also grow and discover numerous things about motherhood. This has been reported to boost the bond between you and your baby. It is exciting to experience and explore new things with your baby. Nothing else is important except bonding with your baby. The dishes, laundry, and other chores can wait.

2. Bleeding weeks after

Especially for first time mothers, giving birth is something huge, and your member down there will definitely feel sore and tender for a while. The days and weeks following childbirth, you’re bound to bleed a tad bit blood-clot filled heavy menstrual flow.

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3. The internet will become your best friend

As a young person and a mother for that matter, you will find yourself consulting ‘uncle Google’ for almost everything. It is okay; however, it is highly recommended that you seek professional help when need arises. Some of the information you pick online can be misleading or worst, not suitable for your use or your babies.

4. It is not easy

You will feel hundreds of emotions. You will have to learn everything, and so will your baby. You figure everything out together. For instance, sometimes you might get so caught up in what you’re doing, and forget you have a baby. One time you’re constantly checking up on them, the other time it slips your mind. That it is okay too.

5. There is no break

Ever heard that even if you are 60-years-old, you will always remain your mother’s child? That’s just it. The baby does not disappear for a few hours a day so you can be alone. It sounds absurd, but going from caring solely for yourself to keeping a helpless human being alive every second of the day is beyond exhausting.

6. You will always carry your child in your heart

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“We hold our children in our arms for a little while, and in our hearts forever” reads a famous and popular quote. Mothers certainly know that it is true, especially the feeling when they look at their little bundle of joy.

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7. There will be weird things

Things like the umbilical cord falling off, hard lumpy breast tissue, odd colored poop, spit up, rashes, and other baby oddities; not to mention issues for mama like mastitis, lochia, thrush, exhaustion, and so many other possibilities! The thing to remember is that it is all worth it. In the moment, it will seem hard...  but your heart will have never felt so much love.

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