Evewoman : Seven easy ways to make your nail polish last longer


Seven easy ways to make your nail polish last longer

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You probably do not have the time to keep on applying nail polish and wait for it to dry or the money to pop in a salon every single day. You have your favorite nail polish on but it won’t last. It can be very frustrating. So, what do you do make it last longer?

There are steps you can take to help both your DIY and professional nail jobs last for weeks. Check out these tips for how to make nail polish last longer

1. Use strengthener between polishes

Healthy nails hold polish longer. A strengthening product can help repair nail damage to keep them from peeling or breaking.

2. Rub nail polish remover on your nails

Rub nail polish remover on your nails even if they don't have polish on them. Any excess oil on your nails will prevent the polish from sticking which can result in quick chipping.

3. Use gloves

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Washing dishes or cleaning your apartment without gloves on can completely destroy your manicure. The water and soap can dry out the manicure, making it less shiny and likely to chip. Get yourself a sturdy pair of rubber gloves to protect your nails from danger.

4. File in one direction

It doesn’t matter which direction, but make sure you’re filing each nail either to the left or to the right, never back and forth. Alternating directions weakens the nail, making it more prone to breakage and peeling.

5. Don't soak nails before painting them

Manicurists do this to soften cuticles, but it causes nails to retain water and expand. Once they're painted, they'll shrink, meaning your polish will no longer fit your nails. So, ask your manicurist to use cuticle oil instead.

6. Dry nails with cool air

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Hot air keeps the polish from drying so use your blow dryer on its cool setting or a fan. Dipping fingertips in ice water for a minute or two also aids drying. Don’t blow your nails to dry once polished.

7. Roll the bottle instead of shaking it

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Shaking a bottle of polish infuses the color with air bubbles, which lead to chips. Mix the polish by holding it upright and rolling it in your hands instead.

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