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Dealing with stress? Six signs you must not ignore

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People of all ages get stressed from time to time. It is important to note that children, teenagers and adults get stressed by different things and they all express themselves differently.

Causes of stress can be anything and how people tend to react or cope differs greatly. The following can be your lead to identifying if your family is undergoing any kind of stress;

1. Rebellious behaviour

A child can start deviating from what they know to be the norm and repeatedly take upon rebellious acts. In most cases, this happens as an unconscious cry for help or attention. It is important that this is solved as soon as it starts happening and to get to the root of the problem.

2. Bedwetting

If a child stops wetting the bed or they have never wet their bed then all of a sudden they start, this could be a sign that they are not okay. You might need to look into the triggers of such change as soon as possible.

3. You have a constant headache that just won’t go away.

If you have constant migraines or headaches that awakens you from sleep, you need to seek medical attention. According to Dr Colgan, there is a high chance that it could be due to tension or stress.

Manage stress factors and get help.



4. Aggression

Children and teenagers just like adults could be irritable and sometimes overreact in very simple situations. If this is a trait that is not in their everyday personality then one needs to pay attention. Pent up anger, tantrums, and overreacting can turn ugly if unrestrained.

5. Keeping distant

Withdrawal from social situations is one of the most common reactions of stress among most people both young and old. This could be as a result of a good or a bad thing. Depending on the personality, it could mean that the person would like to take time off or it could be a cry for help.

6. Change in sleeping and eating habits

Looking for an escape when in distress is common as one looks for something to temporarily keep the stress away or ignore.

This includes when one cannot fall asleep or they sleep too much and can’t wake up in time for school or work.

The same goes for food where one probably eats more than their regular portion or loses appetite altogether.

Remember to be patient and approachable when trying to help anyone dealing with stress. If they don’t trust you they could withdraw further or be stressed further.


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