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My wife did irrelevant shopping for our Christmas holiday

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 It is hard for any human being to adjust their holiday plan of lounging around coastal white beaches, to cooking using wet wood in the hilly countryside in Western Kenya. But for being such a pain all year round, Carol deserved a punishment of sorts.

She had to abandon all her shopping for the Coastal trip and shop for the countryside, rather unwillingly. You drive her to the supermarket and around Nairobi as she shops for stuff, most of it irrelevant, but you are not in talking terms so, you can’t tell her that buying mosquito repellant is a bit insulting.

But she buys it, nonetheless. She also buys some warm clothing for herself and little Farrah, “it is always raining in your village,” she says. You wonder when she will ever accept that is her matrimonial home for good. Farrah is more open to the idea of a countryside. Carol ordered so many movies at her movie guy, it took a half a day to ‘burn’ all of them. You wish her luck, since, whereas your village home is connected to electricity, power outages are the order of the day. She also stocks up some books, Danielle Steel and some Nora Roberts, you wonder if people still read such, but you can’t judge her.

She packs like someone traveling to another world. You notice, she is focused on whatever that can distract her for two weeks.

“Do you think you will read all those books and watch the movies, without being seen as anti-social, peeps in the village can be overly petty,” you tell her trying to be on her defense.

“Really, do you think I really care what your people think of me?”

There is something in her sneer, but you can understand where she is coming from. She is not really a snob but you are banking on her to affect some warmth when dealing with people. Often, she surprisingly gets along with your mum. And now that she is pregnant your folks will be courteous towards her.

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“I think we should stay for ten days or less, and then we can go to Coast, for New Year…” you tell her as a way of thawing her and lifting her mood.

“I will take that,” she can’t even hide her excitement.

“Then you can’t pack all that stuff. Just pack enough for a week, immediately after Christmas, we will hit the road back.

She warms up to the idea. This way, she will know that you are reasonable. But you couldn’t afford having a moody wife around your folks who are still pressuring you on the side to marry, even when they know, you love Carol like crazy. In fact, Carol’s stubbornness is what you love the most. Because she can do bad by herself, and she reins on you when you go overboard. She has been a good moderating force in your life. Your mother loves her no-nonsense attitude. And now that she is pregnant, their worst fears proved to be immaterial.

“You will be fine babe, everyone is at home, so you will have better company than last time, just get in, feel at home, you belong there as much as everyone. Speak your mind…”

“Easier said than done…” She says obviously dismissing your political pitch.

Indeed your people can be stuck in their ways. And that is what gets under Carol’s skin.


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