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Too young? Parents raise concern over 5-year-old child model Mia Aflalo citing exploitation

Mia Aflalo
The five-year-old has taken the internet by storm with her luscious locks Photo: Instagram/Mia

Five year old model Mia Aflalo, from Tel Aviv, Israel has made waves all over the internet due to her unbelievably luscious hair.

She who is often posing for the camera with sleek hairstyles and over the top ensembles has amassed a following of nearly 100,000 followers on instagram. But despite her growing popularity, many have expressed concern over her exposure to fame at a tender age.


Happy purim????

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Some social media users have blasted the tot’s parents for the snaps. One of them went to social media saying, “It’s a child not a f***** toy!”

“Shame on you parents,” another user posted.

One parent sympathized with the child, “Poor little girl …not playing as others…but adults are playing with you…Damn! You are five years old.”

“She’s so sweet and beautiful BUT she should be like a child. She is a child. And she can NEVER be in that age. Let her be a child. She can be gorgeous when she grow up,” another parent sympathized.


Ballerina???? @sagidahary @avishaghadad_makeup ????

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One user noted that this could affect the young girl psyche and future relationships because she is being taught that the only way to please people is by being attractive and growing followers. She also warned against the exposure to people who are pedophiles, following the little girl with perverted intentions. The user asked the parents to keep this within the family and friends circle.


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may.a: love this!!!! Jewish queen!

Karlaroller: She's a beautiful little girl!

amarjit6841: Wow very beautiful and cute princess

zadicer: You look very pretty, nice job, wish I could have tried this on my little girls, but they are grown...

teemvl9073: The great future of fashion

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Her stylist Sagi Dahari who helped to make Mia a social media star after working with her for a piece for British Vogue, now calls her “Princess Mia” after being impressed by the tiny model.



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