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Yoga poses for core strength

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Yoga not only improves flexibility and promotes emotional well being but can also be used for core strengthening. Below are four common yoga poses that can be practiced regularly for a strong core. 

1. One legged down dog

Begin in a plank, raise your hips up and back the air, dropping your heels to the ground and pressing down on the floor. Raise one leg up in the air as high as possible. Hold for 30 seconds and alternate.

2. Boat pose

Sit on mat with legs out in front of you. Slowly raise your legs to 45 degrees, keeping knees straight. Bring your arms up to the outside of the knees, elbows straight and fingers pointed forwards. Hold for five seconds.

3. Cobra pose

Lie face down on yoga mat with palms flat on the ground at chest height. Slowly raise your upper body off the ground using your core, not your arms. Hold for five seconds.

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4. Side plank

Begin in a high plank then roll onto one side, with feet stacked. Keep knees straight and slowly raise free hand up to ceiling, fingers pointed up. Hold for 10 seconds.


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