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Bikini-clad Sports Illustrated model breastfeeds baby on the runway

A Sports Illustrated model caused a stir as she strutted down the runway at their latest fashion show, while breastfeeding her baby.

Stunning Mara Martin turned heads for many reasons as she hit the catwalk in Miami on Monday, along with five-month-old daughter Aria. The mum was dressed in a revealing gold bikini that was strategically lowered on the right side, allowing Aria to feed. The tiny baby sported a special pair of noise cancelling headphones for her modelling debut, to avoid her being startled by the cheers of support from the crowd.

Mara Martin stole the show as she breastfed her baby
Proud mum Mara beamed with delight as she carried her daughter in her arms
But not everyone was as supportive as the crowd there on the night

Newcomer Mara was picked to appear in the show after winning over the magazine bosses at an open casting call. And thanks to her head-turning stunt, Mara stole the show with onlookers cheering in support and clambering to take pictures. But later when a clip from the show was shared to the Sports Illustrated Instagram page, it became clear social media users were greatly divided - with some slamming it as a 'pathetic stunt.'


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