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My co-wife and I: Popular socialite confirms she is a second wife, admits she’s struggling

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Commonly, polygamy is demonised particularly among the middle and upper social classes. This is mainly based on lack of understanding as to why a self-respecting woman would agree to the wife number status when they can have their own marriages and be the main and only wife. Women who are in marriages as second or third wives are judged harshly as they are considered desperate for either money or social upgrade, and some, a man.

There is also this widespread notion that polygamy was invented by men so they could have more sex, and that women get nothing out of it, and in fact spend their time alone and crying when their man is at the other wife’s house. Well, the truth lies with the players, and one such player is Kenya’s popular socialite Amber Ray.

Amber Ray

Doing what most local women would rather never do, Faith Makau, popularly known as Amber Ray, publicly admitted that she was a second wife.

Amber was having a question and answer interaction on her social media with her fans when one of her followers popped the being number two question, and went ahead to ask how it felt.

Compelled by her permission to her followers to ask her any questions, intimate or in the public domain, Amber confirmed that she indeed is a second wife adding that it has however not been a walk in the park.

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The instagrammer must have been intrigued by reports that Amber snatched a local politician from the wife.

The estranged wife had taken to social media claiming that the voluptuous socialite was after her husband and had provided a photographic evidence that Amber had gone to a witchdoctor to win her man.

Responding to the claims, Amber, a mother of one, clarified that the photo where she is seen carrying two hens and dressed in bizarre clothing was actually part of a movie she was acting.

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