Evewoman : 6 things you should never do with your ex


Here is a list of things you should never do with your ex

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When things hit the fan for whatever reason, many will walk out or get dumped. When you break up with someone, sometimes it is hard to move on and let go of the good times you shared and the love you felt for each other among other feelings.

When you split up with someone and you want to move on, always remember to never do certain things during post break up. Ignore the urges as hard as it may be because they may lead you to making all the wrong decisions or say and do things you never intended to.

Don’t ever focus on what’s next for your ex but focus on what’s next for you!

Here are a few things you should consider never ever doing with your ex.

  1. Taking revenge

When someone ends a relationship with you, avoid keeping scores. Skip the drama no matter how hurt you feel. Get up, let go and see what the future holds because it will be worth it. They say what goes around comes back around, therefore, it will still go back to the other person. Let karma take its course.

  1. Jump into bed with them

Don’t deceive yourself that sleeping with your ex will bring them back or make you feel better. Quite the contrary. It will only complicate things and cause more hurt and pain. Take time to heal and create space to move on. Sleeping with your ex will always draw you back every time you want to move on. To make matters worse, it won’t stop them from sleeping with someone else. You will only tie yourself down. Avoid any physical relationship with your ex and get it over your head that it is over!

  1. Friendship

The only way this can work is, if you have both healed, accepted and let go. You need to cut all ties and have space to get over it. You don’t need any approval from your ex. Never allow to be good for the sake of saving the relationship or what’s left of it.

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  1. Communicating with them

You should cut all ties with your ex and this includes calling and texting them. It is hard to move on after a breakup but start by deleting their contacts. This will give you closure and room to move on without constantly thinking of them or what they are up to. Stop being friends even on social media.

  1. Hang out with them

You need to distance yourself from your ex and spend time apart. This will only make it easier for you to let go and sort your life out. Don’t ever meet up or go out because it will only bring back memories that will be hard for you to forget. Accept the outcome that he or she is just an ex and leave it at that.

  1. Beg them to take you back

Never ever beg your ex to come back to your life. Don’t let desperation kick in and start pleading with your ex to stay in your life. This will only make it worse and they will have power over you.

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