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Four incredible April Fools day pranks by celebrities: Which one did you fall for?

It is undeniable that at some point, each one of us has fallen victim to hoaxes from our friends or peers, celebrated and cried over issues that were completely untrue.

Well, this year’s April Fools Day was not any different. Kenyans were treated to a collection of hot hoaxes peddled by our celebrities.

Interesting to note, most of the pranks revolved around relationships and pregnancies.

Here are some of the interesting hoaxes that our celebrities pulled on us yesterday:

1.Kanze Dena bagged a husband

Popular TV presenter Kanze Dena got her friends and fans unawares as she made everyone believe that she was finally hooked. With the story quickly spreading, the fluent Kiswahili presenter was forced to come out clean:

2.Akothee is dead

Bloggers never cease to have drama. One started spreading news that self-proclaimed Madam Boss was no more. Well, it is true that she has been battling with poor health of late but the Oyoyo hit maker is alive. She put the rumor to bed by sharing a video of herself on her Instagram:

3.Kamene Goro is pregnant for Calvo Mistari

Sassy TV personality Kamene Goro left her followers in awe after she claimed that she was six months heavy with Calvo Mistari’s child. The choice of the baby daddy, however, seems rather accurate as she might have decided to ride on the hoax and secretly reveal that she is indeed having a thing with the rapper. Or maybe, she decided to double fool us:

4.Vera Sidika is pregnant

The popular socialite has been vocal lately about her desire to have a child. This might have provided her with the perfect platform to take her fans for a long ride as she penned down a lengthy post claiming that she was pregnant. She must be good at it as she seems to understand the logic that a perfect lie contains a lot of detail. But who knows, pregnancies last longer than a day. Eyes on her, maybe she fooled us on Fools day to hide a huge revelation:

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