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10 photos of Neomi Ng’ang’a that prove curvy girls got style

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Curvy girls can really bring it and if you want proof look no further than our very own Neomi Ng’ang’a. The actress and fashion entrepreneur has mastered the art of style.

If you want some inspiration to pick your OOTD (outfit of the day), indulge in Neomi’s curvy delight.

How to pull it off

  • Wear clothes that make you happy despite your belly. Don’t be pressured to hide it. Embrace it. If you must conceal it, invest in good shape wear and under garments.

  • Invest in wardrobe staples such as vests, t-shirts and leggings which you can throw on easily.


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  • Try different sizes of clothing when shopping. You will discover that each outfit is made different and once you put it on it may either be bigger, smaller or the right fit. In short, a size 16 isn’t always a size 16.

  • Learn your body shape and find styles that flatter.


  • Don’t hide your curves. They are your biggest assets so embrace them

  • Don’t feel pressured to accessorize. You can wear a fun print instead which will still stand out.


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  • Learn about fabrics that agree with your skin and work for your body. This makes shopping much easier


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