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A woman should never miss these types of shoes in her closet

Shoes are an accessory for your feet and it is very important for a lady to always watch the type of shoes she normally wears. There are different functions and places for different shoes. Ladies need to have specific different types of shoes that will make their feet comfortable.

These are the types of shoes that every lady needs:

  • Boots- this should be a must have because they come to a rescue during the wet seasons. You do not have to get all maddy.

  • Black heels- these are also key for they go with any outfit from an official look to a casual one.

  • Wedges- these are another option if you do not want to wear heels, wedges are the most comfotable shoes to wear. They are mostly causal and work perfect for the hot weather.

  • Strappy sandals- these shoes have some romantic vibe that suits more of a red carpet event or a night out event that needs your feet showstopping.

  • Fancy heels- these type of shoes need to be fun, fancy and funky. Type of shoes that are best for going to the club.

  • Open sandals- you cannot afford to miss open sandals in your closet because there are times that your feet needs to breathe and show off the perfect pedicure.

  • Doll shoes- they are flat shoes that are very comfortable and go with any outfit.

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