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Fun things that you can do on a sunday afternoon

Sunday’s are generally slow days. I have never understood why but in my neighbourhood, there is usually blackout on Sundays more often than not. This often leaves me wondering what to do with my life especially in the afternoons. For me, clubbing on a Sunday is not a very good idea considering Mondays are usually working day.

So, what fun activities can one indulge in on a lazy Sunday in Nairobi? Here are some laid out ideas:

Kenya National Theatre

Take a break from the cinemas and go and watch live plays at the Kenya National Theatre. By so doing, you are killing your time well and you are also supporting the local talents. Win win situation, Huh?

Cooking classes

What more ideal way of spending your Sunday afternoon other than adding some skills to your kitchen knowledge? There are so many places in town that offer nice cooking classes. Take a walk and identify one.

Nairobi National Park

Yeeah!! Here is where the fun is. You can do so many activities in the park within a city. More than you can ever imagine.

Maasai Market

If you are a sucker for traditional wear and jewelry, then Maasai market is the ideal, place to spend your boring Sunday afternoon.

Admire Kenyan Art Collections

The stunning sculptures and painting will take our breath away. There are several places within the city that the arts are preserved.

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