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Dating: Ways to know your online date cannot be trusted

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Online dating is becoming popular especially with younger women.  However, just like real life dates, it comes with pitfalls. Here are some ways to check if your online dates should not be trusted.

  • Gets too attached too soon

It has been three days after connecting with your date, and suddenly he tells you how much you mean to them, how much they love you and that they cannot live without you. Unfortunately, while this may seem like a fairy tale to many, it is usually a sign that the date is a creep.

This fake flattery is usually a sign that the guy may not be really what he claims he is.

Same applies to dates that flood you with messages every single day and failure to respond gets him in a terrible mood. These are early signs of controlling behaviour and dangerous behaviour.

  • Uses vague profile photos

Online safety is important, but anyone with a vague photo as their profile picture could be bad news.  Although he could have a picture of his favourite celebrity, cartoon or pet, you still need to be careful. Some creeps do not use their images online to avoid being detected for awful things they have done or planning to do. Others outright steal pictures to entice dates and defraud them.

Watch out for small or blurry photographs, or a dates with only one profile image across all platforms.

  • Dodges Questions

If he refuses to answer your questions or answers them in a roundabout way, be wary. Some may opt to encourage you to talk about yourself while providing scanty details about themselves. This could mean that they are keeping something from you.

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  • Cannot handle rejection

If a man cannot handle a woman telling them ‘no’, he is not a good person. A lot of creeps look at this as a challenge and will keep pestering you to give him your number, or connect on Facebook or even hook up offline.

Others will go to an extent of abusing you for rejecting them. If this is the case,run!

  • Asks for money

When the he asks for money a few messages after you connect, stay away from him! He is probably a scammer.  Some of the common ways to deal with this is to check out discrepancies in their profiles. Things like where he lives, how much money he earns, his marital status can give you a clue about who they are.

Most of these scammers will slowly reel you in with conversation and niceties before they ask for money. Most famous ways of asking for money is by saying they have a financial emergency and they would like you to help them out- promising to pay back as soon as they are out of the fix. Others will claim they are coming to visit you but they do not have the fare.

If you refuse, they will pretend to be offended and even claim that you do not trust them, therefore they would not be any relationship without trust.


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