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Crazy in love: 5 signs that the lady is in to you

How close are you?

In this age and time when all the girls decided to be slay queens and some unapologetically fisilets,it's rare to be loved genuinely. You may believe that your girlfriend loves you with all her heart only to be left "Kwa mataa".Here are key indicators that your girlfriend loves you to the moon and back.

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  1. She will never leave you for a rich guy.

You may be rich.You can afford pizza,a good apartment,you take her out and give her plenty of cash for her upkeep. But one bright morning, after sulking for days and nights without any reason, she drops the bomb. She says it's not working.

You wonder what you did wrong.could it be that you bought her tasteless pizza without enough fruits? Or she was served food with watery soup and she felt treated badly?You will know you did nothing wrong when you learn that she has left you for a guy who is richer that an Arabian oil tycoon.

I’m going to quote Sauti Sol on this:  Do you want to laugh on a bicycle or cry in a Range Rover ?

  1. She accepts to move in with you.

Your girl will not insist on a white wedding although these slay queens cannot be compromised over this! She will not even believe that you need to pay dowry for her.As long as you hint that you want to move in with her,she will leave her house and people behind and follow you.

  1. She plays wife duties yet you have never uttered the word marriage to her.

Allow me to take this slippery road of “playing wife.” I do not ncoyrage but well, it happens all the time.  Even when drunk,you have never thought about marriage. But she is full of hope and confidence in you. She does your laundry like a well-paid cleaner at a five star hotel.She burns her fingers in the kitchen and stays at your place doing amazing things for you.Then one day,you will tell her that the man who will marry her will be very lucky.

Should she be doing that though?

  1. She gives you some money hen in trouble

Yes, it is 2017 and you read that right! Even though you did not take her to school,slept hungry or wore cheap clothes to save for her college fees,she will still give you her money. She believes that she can never stand to see you suffer. Paying bills will be no bother to her.She loves you that much and can't allow money to separate you.

A disclaimer: As a lady be wise, don’t be quick to be nice about finances, it could blow on your face!

  1. She forgives the unforgivable.

To error is human and to forgive is divine. However,in relationships there are unforgivable deeds.If you cheat (once or repeatedly) and you are never there,she should just leave.  I mean I encourage the lady to run if he physically assaults her!

But if she loves you (as she believes she does),staying will be easy. Some will love and forgive till they breathe their last. They call it true love or desperation depending on how you look at it.

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