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Every woman needs a crazy, naughty friend

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Last week I was down, rightly so after I bumped into my hot ex while I was shabbily dressed. I cursed that demon that confused me into leaving the house in that sorry state. But I’m back to my jovial self, thanks to a crazy friend. Crazy friends make you do crazy things and jolt you back to reality from self-pity.


My friend Wandia is a real free soul. I called her because she is the kind of earthquake I needed to get back my self-confidence. I needed that awakening because my crankiness was trickling down to everybody from hubby to the kids and the cat.


When I called Wandia to vent, she listened keenly to my ‘stresses’ and as usual she had a perfect therapy for me. Wandia, is the kind of woman who eats life with a big spoon — she is single, full of life and is a ball of energy.


“I want you to dress very well and I will take you somewhere we can just be girls and enjoy our guilty pleasures. You will forget all your problems and just have fun,” she made the tempting offer.

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So this past weekend, I had a date with Wandia and she took me to an unforgettable secret hideaway. Like she had instructed me, I dolled up and slid into that hot LBD that makes hubby weak in the knees. I looked so ravishing, I wished this was the day Mike had bumped into me. But I digress.


Wandia came to pick me up from my house at 8pm and we drove off for our girl date. I was expecting her to take me to a spa for some rejuvenating therapy, like she always does. I was in for a surprise.


We drove to Kilimani to a secret posh gate-away where sophisticated mamas are treated to a pampering experience and a party of the eyes.


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If you are a career mum like me whose routine revolves around home, work, hubby and kids, this place is an overwhelming ‘Disneyland of pleasure’.


This resort of sorts has a series of rooms and when you pay, the deal is to make sure you walk from one experience room to another with the final climax room. There is a heavenly sauna where women chill over wine and chocolate, a massage parlour where soft hands work on your tired back, a soothing room where a hot band serenades you with cool ballads. But the climax experience is a room full of drop dead handsome men who are poll dancing and doing all manner of sexual things that drive women crazy.


I must confess that when I walked into this climax spot, it took some pushing from Wandia for me to make full entry. “Mo you cannot run away. I have paid so much money for you to enjoy this experience. These guys are just teasing your senses, so you can run to your hubby with passion,” my friend Wandia told me as she forced me into this ‘sinful’ room.


Given that this was totally foreign, I chickened out and withdrew prematurely (pun intended) minutes into action and ran home to dear hubby. Wow, every girl needs a Wandia in their life!


The writer is a married working mother of a toddler boy and a pre-school girl. She shares her experience of juggling between career, family and social life.

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