Evewoman : 8 types of shoes every girl should have in her wardrobe


8 types of shoes every girl should have in her wardrobe

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  • 80% of women in the world are unapologetically shoeholic.
  • There are some shoes that are a MUST HAVE for all women.

‘Give a girl the right shoe and she can conquer the world’. Those were Marilyn Monroe’s words. Maybe that’s why all women are ‘gaga’ about shoes. Perhaps looking for the right shoes to conquer the world. Anyway, all said and done, here is a list of shoes that every girl should have in her wardrobe:

Flat sandals:

Flat sandals

These come in very handy on those casual days. They are usually easy and comfortable to move around in. They give you a chic look.



They will definitely come through if you are going for the executive look. Dress in an official outfit and put on your pumps and watch yourself become a ‘boss lady’. Also for party nights, pop coloured pumps will earn you envious glances.

Wedged heels

Wedged heels

Wedges are the best bet for short girls. They add to your height and are pretty comfortable to walk in compared to pumps. They can go with basically every outfit.

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Ballet flats:

Ballet flats

These are just life. If you are looking to achieve a comfortable and chic effect, ballet flats are the way to go. You can put on these any day anywhere.



Of course for the cold weather every woman needs a pair of boots. They look cute in basically everything and also keep you warm.



If you want to wear mini dresses, miniskirts or mini shorts, gladiators are what you need to top-up the look with. They give you a sassy and sexy look. They also give the impression of covered legs.

Kitten heels

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Kitten heels

They are classy and give you a feminine touch. Pretty comfortable as well.

Sneakers :

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Sneakers are very comfortable and go pretty much with all outfits. You could even go with them to the office on a lazy Saturday.

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