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Top 10 women features that drive Kenyan men crazy

My Man

Every woman is beautiful in her own right, but one fact stands out. All women are special.

However, the desire to be attractive has pushed a few of them to go beyond what is naturally given to them. That said, naturally, men are programmed to be more attracted to certain features over others.

Being smart is often an added advantage that goes hand in hand with beauty. Here are some features that Kenyan men find irresistible in women:

What have you done for the first time lately?

1. Eyes

A famous philosopher once said, “The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.”

A woman’s eyes can easily attract a man, they communicate a lot and for some reason men understand the eye language very fast.

2. Boobs

Boobs can have men walking into walls or begging on their knees! But, who wants ‘tired sleepy’ boobs? Thanks to innovation, women can have anything. And with push-up bras, strapless bras and breast pads, they can enhance the ‘dashboards’.

3. Body size

 “She must have the ideal figure that would make me go gaga,” says one Harrison Odongo.

Women come in different shapes and sizes depending on a guy’s preference. Some men prefer ‘laptops’, while others would give anything for a ‘momo’. All said and done, physical conformation is key to attraction.

4. Booty

In a man’s world, everything surrounding the word booty is simply awesome. Forget our local socialites, the allure is real and in many instances, a lakeside man would pack his German machine just to take a look.

5. Height

Nairobi men prefer at least a counter tall lady but again not a Goliath. Moreover, who wants to kneel down every time you kiss?

6. Teeth

White, clean teeth are striking and complete her smile! No man would want to kiss a woman with sukuma wiki stuck between her molars or strike a conversation with a woman exhaling bad breath. Ladies please watch your oral health, it may be the biggest turn off or turn on.

7. Complexion

‘Yellow yellow’ baby or ‘rangi ya Euro’ is the colour that stands out. One really doesn’t have to struggle with a flawless skin. Watch out for pimples, as they are an obvious turn off.

8. Grooming

It’s said that men were supposed to be effective, and women to be attractive. Gorgeous looks, great body plus the right dress code is not enough; every beautiful woman must do her nails. Ever come across that beautiful lady who eats her nails? A lazy queen can never to be trusted.

9. Legs

When I decide to watch news, on whatever channel, it’s never about the stories making headlines but the anchors. I wait till the tail end of the bulletin when ladies decide to show what they are made of. Yes, ma-skele legs are a turn off; Umejaza sura lakini miguu hakuna.

10. Hair

I hate weaves and I have no apologies. A number of ladies in Nairobi would give anything just to look like she has long hair. There are those who get it right, but many a times, the borrowed look is pathetic.

One advice to Nairobi ladies, be natural do not overdo the makeup.

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