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How a boda boda rider eloped with my neighbor's wife

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My neighbour must have anticipated the shortage of maize and decided to bring in a young lass for a wife as proof of family a few weeks ago. I didn’t know how long the marriage would last because it’s not the first, maybe until plenty availability of maize do them apart. My neighbour has a habit of drinking late into the night, which always worries his new brides a lot before they realise that he might never change and they decide to leave before it’s too late.

His latest bride was brought on a rainy evening and later that night, I could hear furniture being moved, maybe as the bride undertook her new wifely duties, which included rearranging furniture, to give the house a feminine touch.

They moved furniture until around midnight. What a good wife! I’m sure by the next morning, before the guy left for work, he could not tell what was where because the activities of the night obviously moved blood from his head and he could not think clearly despite the rain having stopped.

He would come home earlier than usual on the first few days and then he extended by hours as the days went. On this particular night, he wasn’t home by one in the morning. His bride came knocking on my door. She was hysterical. She told me the husband had never been out that late.

“I know him. He’s never this late,” the 12-day old wife told me, with tears in her eyes.

I wanted to tell her that I knew the husband better, for two years, and that was nothing to make her worry, but then again I didn’t want her asking me how well I knew him. You know what I mean.

The reason she came to my house was that she was scared and worried that something bad might have happened to her dear husband because when she called him someone else answered the call. She wanted to make a call to him in the presence of another person because she faints whenever she receives shocking news.

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I offered her a seat because my shoulder was too tired. I was also sleepy and too annoyed to be leant on. She called and a person who wasn’t the husband answered and she instructed them to bring the husband to the directions she gave. It must have been the nduthi (motorbike) guy because I heard her promise to be the one to pay for the ride once the husband was safely home.

When the husband was finally home, the wife confessed that she didn’t have money for the ride but promised to have it paid the next day.

Several days later, the guy is single again because his latest wife moved in with the nduthi guy. Maybe she’s there to pay his debts like the good wife who would do anything and cares deeply for her husband would. Some wives sacrifice a lot for their husbands. The nduthi guy did them asunder.

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